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Evolution Flunks Out
Ever wondered if science really does prove evolution? Check out this week's FREE resource.

The Life Focus System
Too much to do and no time to do it? Try this FREE challenge from FAST.

The Truth About Heaven
What does the Bible really say about heaven? Watch this great little video and find out!

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Evolution Flunks Out

May 24, 2017

Evolution has undermined the faith of millions, and even some Christians are not quite sure what to believe. This week's resource is a great little article from Amazing Facts that shows how evolution flunks the science test. Grab it for a quick read:

If you have ever wondered whether or not science really proves evolution, and conversely, whether or not the Bible can be trusted on this topic, you are going to enjoy this.

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The Life Focus System

May 17, 2017

Too much to do, and not enough time to do it? FAST Missions is offering an all new challenge on Time Management called the Life Focus System.

Learn how to get more out of your day by teaching you the power of personal focus. Gain vital insights into projects, planning, prioritization, and purpose. It takes just six days to complete, and it is completely FREE!

Some of the topics covered include:

   The importance of time
   How to keep track of tasks
   Avoiding overwhelm
   Keys to effective planning
   Setting goals and priorities
   Living with purpose

Best of all, you can invite a friend. Click here to visit FAST for more information, and to sign up. Enrollment closes May 31.


The Truth About Heaven

May 10, 2017

Would you like to live in a perfect society? Well, there is a UTOPIA humans can travel to and live, and it is a real place. Find out how to get your passport to this paradise today.

This week's blog post is a great little video from one of our favorite ministries (Amazing Facts). You can watch the entire thing in less than 7 minutes! Great for busy people...

The Magic Kingdom

May 03, 2017

Disney programs are often marketed as family friendly. Princesses, cute talking animals, and fun adventure appeal to our young children. But are there hidden messages in the cartoons Disney and similar companies promote?

This weeks resource is an interesting video by Little Light Studios. A great ministry helping to expose some of the subtle (and not so subtle) deceptions coming out of Hollywood these days.